July 30 - Celeste Concert

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July 30 - Celeste Center Concert

There was a slight chill in the air Sunday morning, but it warmed up quickly as the choir marched to the sound check at the Celeste Center. Both the AOSFYC and the AOSFB performed phenomenally in the 1:00 PM concert in front of a large, appreciative crowd. Both groups received long standing ovations, and the combined pieces were inspiring. There was once again many people along the parade route and that also attended the evening concert. We also want to thank Tim Foster for helping out with the equipment crew this weekend. You were a great help and the choir enjoyed meeting you!

NOTE: The choir's recording session is Monday night. Singers will be lining up at 5:45 PM and the session IS NOT open to the public.

Choristers of the Day

Soprano - Olivia DeLuca
​Alto - Molly Olden
Tenor - Tyler Harper
Bass - Jonathan Cade


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