July 29 - Alumni Day

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July 29 - Alumni Day

What a beautiful day for Alumni Day 2017!! Clear sunny skies was the order of the day as we began with a rehearsal choir alumni on the fur combined pieces to be performed at the morning concert. A nice sized crowd was at the Cardinal Hall porch, and dozens of alumni joined us on the risers for "How Great Thou Art," "Friends," "For Good," and "Battle Hymn." A packed house greeted the choir at Main St. Stage as the choir performed with much energy, and the audience responded with cheers and applause. There were many, many fairgoers on the grounds, which made marching to Opus Serenade locations a bit of a challenge. Another HUGE crowd awaited the choir at ODNR. Choir alumni stood to singing the final set of pieces with the current choir. The choir joined the band in performing the National Anthem for an event in the Coliseum and then went to the Voinovich Lawn to cheer for bidders in the Alumni Association Auction. There was a large audience for the concert, and many alumni joined the choir for the Battle Hymn to end our day.

Choristers of the Day

Soprano - Cassidy Collins
Alto - Meredith Boes
Tenor - Micah Simmons
Bass - Ralen Cleveland

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