July 24 - Statehouse

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July 24 - Statehouse 


Monday was a beautiful, sunny day in Columbus, and the choir was excited to give their first public performance. Following a morning warmup and rehearsal, the singers boarded coaches for the trip to downtown Columbus. They enjoyed a boxed lunch on the shady green lawn of the Statehouse and then went into the rotunda to do a quick warmup and sing "For Good." The Scarlet Singers performed "Earth Song." For those who don't know, there is a 6-8 second reverberation in that space,creating a beautiful resonance.

Then it was time for the concert on the High Street side of the building. There was a large audience of family, friends and workers that were thrilled with the energetic performance that the choir gave. After the concert, the choir was given tours of the Statehouse, boarded the buses and returned to the Rhodes Center.

Opus Olympics were held in the afternoon, with many laughs and silly games. The choir once again dressed in uniform for the official group photo. Then, it was back to Cardinal Hall for rehearsing and skits from the Junior Staff. 

Choristers of the Day

Soprano - Riley Gibson
AltoPaige Schaefer
​Tenor - Dennis Bunch
Bass - Matthew Smith


"Coming Soon!"

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