August 5

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August 5 - What A Day!

Our next to last day saw large audiences at all of our performances during the day, starting in the Janis Center, then Cardinal Patio, ODNR and finally at Voinovich Lawn. Once again, there was "wading in the water" at ODNR. Chuck and Devon from the Equipment Staff paddled around splashing the choir and Staff Percussionist Matt Hayes was thrown into the water and was "rescued" by Dr. Peterson and Mr. Nethers. At the evening concert, the fair had photographers in a hydraulic lift taking photos of the concert. Staff member Darius McBride added a solo part over the chorus of "Greater Than" to the delight of the choir and the audience. Many singers went to the Pentatonix concert while others played volleyball (with a beach ball) on the sidewalk or went around the fair for the last time.

Choristers of the Day

Soprano - Camden Burris
Alto - Bailey Wilson
Tenor - Josh Niles
Bass - Gavin Beck

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