August 4

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August 4 - Shenanigans, Presentation & Friendship Circle

The Scarlet Singers had a very early start to the day with a 7:30AM performance at the Agricultural Hall of Fame Breakfast. The entire choir performed at the Cardinal Hall porch and Main St. Stage. At ODNR, a water fight broke out amongst the crew and quickly escalated during "Wade in the Water" and "Let the River Run." In addition to most of the choir, conductors and pianists also got wet! After the parade, Russ Nutt walked out of the front doors during announcements to the delight of the choir. Russ thanked the choir for singing 'Happy Birthday' to baby Wesley and for the card that everyone signed. At Voinovich, Calvin Ling enhanced the performance of "I'll Make a Man Out of You."

Following the band's evening concert, the four-year members sang "Lean On Me" on the Rhodes front steps as a gift to the band, and presented Mr. Dodd with a photo of the combined band and choir performing at the Celeste Center. The 4-year members all signed the matting. Then, it was off to  Friendship Circle where every choir member was recognized with a certificate. Four year members spoke about their time in the choir and singers had the opportunity to share friendship letters and hugs.

Choristers of the Day

Soprano - Annie Stemen
Alto - Alyssa Bales
Tenor - Brandon Snider
Bass - Skyler Kokinda

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