August 3 - Omelet Day

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August 3 - Omelet Day!

Thanks to the Ohio Egg and Poultry Farmers for providing the choir with an omelet breakfast. Several members of the choir staff, band staff and expo commissioners were the chefs. It is always a favorite day for the choir. Choir and band members also participated in a "college day" where they could get information about the music programs from many Ohio universities. The Scarlet Singers had two performances; one on the Cardinal Hall porch (with the the AOSFB Cardinal Band), and also at the Ohio State Fair Hall of Fame luncheon. During the luncheon, choir member Victoria Adams received a scholarship to OSU. The main choir performed at the Janis Center at 11:00 AM. After the Main Street Stage concert, the choir paraded down the ride midway, spreading smiles and music to the workers and riders. Our day ended with a combined concert with the AOSFB on the Rhodes Lawn.

Choristers of the Day

Soprano - Olivia Sormaz
​Alto - Adreanna Gonzalez
Tenor - Kody Kramer
Bass - Alex Rudzinski

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