August 2

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August 2 - "Normal" Day

Tuesday was a "normal" day schedule-wise for the choir. The day began with a concert in the Janis Center, lunch and Main St. Stage. There were Opus Serenades in the Bricker Building, Administration Building and at the Maynard's food stand. At ODNR, over a dozen alumnus came down to join in the final set, representing from the 1990s through 2016. Following the parade, OSHP Trooper Townes came to talk to the choir. This is his 26th fair, and told the singers that their singing brought tears to his eyes during the Celeste Concert.

The Voinovich Lawn concert was to feature the Soprano/Alto and Tenor/Bass pieces. Unfortunately, lighting was seen and out of safety, the concert ended early. The choir went into the Voinovich Building to stay safe. Soon, it also began to rain. Some of the choir was transported back to the dorms by van, most walked through various barns and buildings to get back to the dorm. The rain stopped around 8:00 and the singers were able to go out onto the fairgrounds.

Choristers of the Day

Soprano - Allison Bowsher
Alto - Madison Deckop
Tenor - Robbie Schuck
Bass - Josiah Shoemaker


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