Alumni Day 2020

WHO'S READY FOR ALUMNI DAY 2020?!?!?! There are a million details to work through before next year...and  want all of you to be a part of it. Dr. Peterson hasexpressed a willingness to help the alumni have a concert of their own, as well as the evening concert. The Alumni Association will need help in several areas to make this happen, but I personally want to see a minimum of 1000 alumni come back next year to sing and be a part of it. Please let me know what you would like to see, what you liked about this year, and what you think we need to do better.

Also, if you didn't already this last weekend, please consider paying your $15 dues and become a voting member. We are working to make this the best possible experience for both the alumni and the current choir. (Shout out again for the 89 Smooth Crew's generosity in donating a piece of music to the choir!) This $15 helps us with venues for rehearsal for the alumni, helps with scholarships for the current choir to be able to sing, insurance for the equipment we provide for the choir, and many many other things! Your dues help us make a huge difference for the choir.

Contact Robb Burris at with your comments and suggestions.

Know of a Potential Choir Member?

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